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Front Lower A-Arms : Axial Yeti XL

Front Lower A-Arms : Axial Yeti XL

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    Product Details
    Key Features

    • Replaces stock Axial #AX31018
    • Removes as much as 0.004? (0.01mm) of slop from the inner and outer hinge pins
    • More a-arm clearance at the bellcrank for less possibility of center-link damage from full suspension compression.


    The Axial Yeti XL is a monster of a truck! With that much power and weight, the demands on the front suspension components are extreme. With extreme demand, there’s only one place to look for the ultimate in aftermarket replacements – RPM! Each RPM A-arm is designed from the ground up to survive what was previously unsurvivable. Massive support beams off to either side provide the support while 30° leading and trailing edges help improve transitions across ultra rugged terrain.

    To help improve suspension tuning and reduce slop, we sized the hinge pin holes accurately, removing as much as 0.004” (0.1mm) of slop from the inner and outer hinge pins (see “Tech Notes” below for additional slop notes). Additional A-arm clearance around the bellcrank center-link allow for more up-travel without the severe impact the stock A-arms and center-link encounter at full suspension up-travel, reducing the likelihood of a broken center-link.

    All RPM A-arms are molded from our ultra-durable blend of engineering grade nylons and backed by our limited lifetime warranty against breakage. With RPM on-board, your time on the trail will be time behind the wheel and not on the bench!!

    Product Specifications

    Scale 1/10
    Refinement Color Black
    Material Nylon

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